02.07.20 Thursday

Hello all,

Remember all the work links  mentioned below are found on Google Classroom

How have you got on with the Flashback Maths this week? If you put a message on the stream about any maths questions you’ve struggled with then the teachers can plan more work for you to practise.

Here’s you work for Thursday.
How did you do yesterday?
Google Doc below for today’s quiz.

Follow the link to the video Introducing line graphs

It tells you when to try parts of the White Rose worksheet which I’ve saved as a link and as a pdf. Hoping at least one works for you!
Go to Bitesize for some extra work /practice if you feel you need it.

Do Reading Plus
Then do some sentence work using the UR Brainy link below.
Using a or an correctly.
There ‘re four pages so do some today and tomorrow. The answers are at the end so you can check your work. Remember if you are not printing out sheets the write on a Google Doc and we will see it in school.

We started our new topic “God’s People ‘ last week. Try week 2 . I’ve included the page of background notes again so your grown up can help you.

Week 2: Talk about how Christians, whether they are living on earth or in heaven, belong to what is called the Communion of Saints. Communion means to belong together and saints are those who follow God’s way. They show us something about God. They may be kind, generous, loving, faithful, forgiving and caring.
We are all called to be saints and there are some people who are given a special title of saint because of the life they have led. These saints may have a special feast day during the year like St Andrew, St David, St Francis or St Margaret. On 1 November every year the Church celebrates the Feast of All Saints, that is all the holy women and men who have followed God’s way.
Look at the words of Pope Benedict XVI’s Big Assembly on the Background notes and key questions.
Talk about what the Pope said.
Make a mind map exploring “What kind of person would I really like to be?” What qualities would you include?

Have some exercise time indoors or ourdoors.

Have a good day
Stay safe and stay happy
Mrs F

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