Year 5 Class

Welcome to Class 5

The staff team in Year 5 are Mrs Parlett, Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Eadsforth

Mrs Parlett and Mrs Donnelly will be with you most of the time. Mrs Donnelly is going to have her very own space in the group room this term so you will all get a chance to work with her in there. Mrs Eadsforth will work with you each Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning so that Mrs Parlett can do jobs with Mrs Noble to help everyone in school.

The things we will be learning in Year 5 will change a bit as well just to help make sure you are happy and healthy in school and to help you with anything you may have missed in the summer term. Most importantly though, you will have lots of time to catch up with your friends, get used to our new routines and have fun and learn together.

We know we will have a really exciting year!