Mental Health & Well-Being

At St. Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School, we are always looking for ways to support and improve our mental health and well-being. Children are given many opportunities to learn strategies to help them to manage difficult situations during PSHE and group interventions. We also run Relax Kids sessions and include mindful activity sessions.  Our Y6 children attended a Mental Health Champions workshop and are trained to promote health and well-being among the other students.

If you need any support with Mental Health and Well-being, please take a look at our useful links and resources.

Meet our Mental Health Champions from Y6

Our Mental Health Champions are holding a mindfulness club during breaktime to offer a calm and relaxing space for children to be mindful. They are also helping to raise awareness of Mental Health and Well-Being throughout the school by planning events and activities to run over the school year.



These are some of the brilliant programmes and interventions that our trained staff offer in school.


Click on these links for more information about Mental Health and Well-Being

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Free resources

Mental Health Foundation


Some useful resources for children and parents to try at home.

Download (PDF)

A great game to play alone or with friends.