Sports Partnership

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At St Cuthbert’s we invest in our very successful sports partnership – Easington School Sports Partnership (ESSP). The partnership provides invaluable support and training for staff in school, run competitions in line with the School Games and arrange many festivals over the course of the year. They also support us in providing a range of afterschool clubs and helping us audit and improve our curriculum. Thank you to Ailsa, Gary, John, John, Keith and Sophie for their expert advice!

This year, Ailsa Hall has been in to support hockey in Y4, cross country running across KS2 and gymnastics in Y1;  John Appleby has supported fundamental movement in EYFS, tag rugby in Y5, multiskills in Y3 and tennis in Y3; Gary Adey has supported Year 1 games; Fran Scarr has supported Y4 gymnastics, Y2 dance and Y5 dance.