English Lead Teachers in school are Mrs Wilkinson & Mrs Parlett

At St. Cuthbert’s, we recognise that being able to speak, listen, read and write fluently are the vital skills that children require to unlock their learning and the world around them. Our English curriculum has been developed to ensure every child can reach their potential in these skills and develop a love of reading, learn rich vocabulary and grow into imaginative and confident writers across the curriculum.  Our curriculum is sequenced well so that children get a secure grounding in reading, phonics and writing from the time they first join us in Reception class. Our children leave us as enthusiastic and confident readers, speakers and writers who can use these skills well across the curriculum and are ready for the demands of Key Stage 3. 

Reception Class Long Term Overview
Year 1 Long Term Overview
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Year 6 Long Term Overview

Please see our separate reading, writing and phonics pages for further information.