Ten:Ten, Live Life to the Full RSE Curriculum Overview

We value parental support and feedback with any personal development areas. Ten:Ten helps outline the importance of these relationships between home and school.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church perfectly sums up the core principle that the Church
gives us with regard to parental support when teaching children about RSHE:

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children.

CCC 2223

The Catholic Church further expands on this by saying that God has given each family its
own specific and unique mission, and that the role of the school is to complement the
educational responsibilities that have been bestowed upon parents.

According to the Congregation for Catholic Education in Rome:

Catholic tradition teaches that God has bestowed on the family its
own specific and unique educational mission… The educational
task of the family and that of the school complement one another
in many concrete areas.

So, parents are the first educators of their children. It is their right and responsibility to
inform and educate their children in matters relating to human growth and development,
particularly sexual development. Therefore, schools should always seek to work in
partnership with parents and carers. The teaching offered by schools will complement
their primary role. In doing so, we are fulfilling the mission of the Church and enacting
the Home-Parish-School triangle: supporting the Church in its duty to educate on these
matters, and assisting parents in their duties.

In conclusion, we can say there is a lot of synergy between what the Government says
about engaging parents, and the emphasis placed by the Catholic Church on the centrality
of parents to teaching the subject and we thank you for your continued support.

Please use the link below to access the online parent session. This session introduces
parents and guardians to the programme, “Life to the Full”, which will be taking place in
our school. Through the session, you should be inspired by the vision of the programme,
understand why it is taking place and why the school is working in partnership with Ten Ten,
know where and how they can access further information about the programme content
and, if appropriate, be consulted about Key Decisions in the programme.