Extra Curricular Clubs




This half term the following clubs are running in school. 

Clubs for Summer 1

Please make sure you speak to your child to make sure they want to attend club before signing them up – we are often oversubscribed and have pupils who drop out halfway through a course because they didn’t want to come to begin with.

We do have a cap on numbers for these clubs due to room size and staffing so if a link is not working, that club may be full.

Monday – board games club for KS2 (collection at Year 4 classroom at 4:30pm)

Monday – gymnastics for Year 5 and Year 6 (collection at Main Entrance at 4:30pm)

Tuesday – girls’ football for Y4,5,6 (collection from Main Yard near field at 4:30pm – this will continue from previous term)

Tuesday – art club for Reception class (collection at Main Entrance at 4:00pm)

Thursday – Year 1 & 2 dance club (collection at Main Entrance at 4:15pm)

Thursday – Year 3 / 4 cricket club (collection at Year 3 classroom at 4:30pm)

Thursday – Year 4 / 5 / 6 gardening club (collection at Year 4 classroom at 4:30pm)

Thursday – Year 5 / 6 sewing club (collection at Year 5 classroom at 4:30pm)

Y4 First Communion classes and Y6 booster classes will also be held – separate dates will be shared with parents.