Junior Road Safety Officers

During the academic year, our Junior Road Safety Officers (or JRSOs for short) will promote road safety, safe crossing and safe travel to and from school. This will be done through competitions, assemblies, undertaking research and communicating to parents through newsletters and the website. 

Autumn Term

The Junior Road Safety Team are trying to tackle the problem of parking at our school. We have contacted the local police, and council, to ask for some cones to place outside of the school gates. We are still waiting for a response. The children have planned an assembly to coincide with Road Safety Week. They are showing the importance of being bright in the winter months.  Following this they are going to launch a competition.

Spring Term

Since parking is still an issue at school, we have ordered our cones to place outside of the school gates. The JRSO’s are going to stand outside at home time and watch how people are parking. If they find someone parking illegally or with no concern for others, we will firstly explain to them the dangers and if it happens again they will be issued with a St. Cuthbert’s parking ticket.