Reception Class

Welcome to Reception Class and a very big welcome to your new school.

The staff you will be working with this year are Mrs Groark and Mrs Cook who will be with you every day. On a Tuesday afternoon Mrs Prest and Mrs Cook will work with you while Mrs Groark has some time to do her planning. During the year we might also have some student teachers working with us as Mrs Groark helps students who want to be teachers so we are going to meet lots of different adults.

We have so much fun in Reception Class and we are looking forward to meeting you all. We spend lots of time learning in both the indoor and outdoor areas and especially enjoy working in our allotment.

In our first term we will spend lots of time finding out all about you and what you enjoy. We will also help you to make lots of new friends with your new class mates. Some of you might be feeling a little bit nervous about starting school but try not to worry. To help you settle in we have special buddies from Year 6 who will also help you to feel happy and safe in your new school.

In the Autumn Term we will be learning all about our letter sounds and putting our sounds together to make words. You will have opportunities to sing and dance and dress up. We will also make models, paint and explore our outdoor spaces where you will have problems to solve. We love to be active so we will be exploring different ways of moving and using bikes and scooters. Story time is always a favourite time and we have so many stories to share with you. We also love to count and we have lots of fun indoors and outdoors exploring numbers.

Reception Class is where we have lots of fun. We can mix with our friends in Year 1 at playtime and lunch time. We can’t wait to meet you.