Thursday 2nd July

Hello year 6!

For English today I would like you to read chapter 15. There had been a wave of panic about the Ickabog . In the style of Boris and his lockdown advice (stay at home, stay safe, save lives, work at home if you can) Can you put together some advice for the vulnerable citizens of Cornucopia to keep them safe from the Ickabog and list some signs to look out for? Are any towns more vulnerable than others? Eg. Baronstown more vulnerable as the Ickabog is carnivorous yet Jerboam is rarely affected.

For Maths today we are continuing with our outdoor learning from the tasks we used on Tuesday. What other challenges can you complete in your garden or your local area?

History today is looking more closely at the Blitz. Start by listening to the accounts of people who experienced the Blitz
and use your research to answer the questions.
Then we are going to explore different types of shelters. Research different shelters used in an air raid and complete a list of pros and cons of different types of shelter.

We are going to move onto learning about evacuees, these were children who had to be moved from cities and towns which were being targeted to keep them safe. They were usually moved by train to the countryside where people were expected to house them if they had room.
Listen to what was it like.
Read some accounts. Watch
Put yourself in the position of an evacuee. From what you have learnt, write a postcard home – this could be done on purple mash if you wanted to use technology to do it.

Finally, have you ever seen any films or read any books about WW2 or which have children who have been evacuated in? Share your suggestions on the class stream.

All additional resources are on Google Classroom!

Have a good day 🙂

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