Positive images

Year 6 have began their new year developing a good mindset, positive attitudes and are exploring ways to avoid negative feelings which may occur as the result of social media. They recognised that sometimes seeing everyone around them doing amazing things could make them feel like they aren’t as happy or that they are not doing as much. Trying to be inspired by these images and posts, we decided to use them as motivation to try something new or do more to make ourselves happier rather than worrying about comparing ourselves to others as they realised the lives shown on social media often do not give a full or accurate picture of the person’s actual experiences. People are unlikely to share pictures of themselves being sad and lonely or of a project that has gone wrong. People often want to show themselves in the best possible light and social media gives a platform to do this.

We decided to make a mask for a made up character who presents a very positive image on social media. We decorated the mask template, making sure that the character looks very happy. We discussed as a group what they might say, what they might be thinking, etc. They could only say good things about their life when holding the mask up, sharing great things they have made, what makes them happy and reinforcing the use of positive language. When we moved the mask away we could share anything the character might be worried, upset or angry about.


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