Wednesday 1st July

Hello year 6! Halfway through another week and you are all doing exceptionally well. Remember to share your completed work on the class stream.

For English today I would like you to read chapter 13 of The Ickabog. Lord Beamish has been shot in the bog. Create a newspaper report informing Cornucopia of this terrible accident. You can write it from the point of view of an accident, that it was intentional by Spittleworth and Flapoon because they were jealous of the Kind or blame his death on the Ickabog. Once you have finished read chapter 14.

I have attached some resources to support you writing your newspaper article on google classroom.

In Maths today I would like you to explore time and duration in the attached ordering exercise. Some of the items, like the reign of Queen Victoria, may require some research. Give it ago! If you are still not confident telling the time, use the rest of your maths time to practice this.

For History I would like you to research the Blitz. Remember to use BBC learning and ducksters to help you

Then look at the image attached on google classroom – What can you see? Complete the historical evidence sheet attached.

Finally, explore this week’s Rights Respecting article. Complete one of the Rights Respecting tasks and send your work to me.

Have a good day year 6. Remember any additional information you find out about WW2 feel free to share it with us.

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