Tuesday 16th June

Tuesday 16th June


Good morning Year 3. I hope you are all well.



Log on to White Rose home learning Year 3. Today your lesson is adding fractions with the same denominator. Watch the video then complete the attached worksheet.

If you are working from Year 2, your lesson today is Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes. Watch the video then complete the attached worksheet.

If you find any of these tricky you can always try Year 1. Just do what you feel you can manage.



Spend a few minutes on Times Table Rockstars.



Today you have a choice.

You can either spend your English time on Reading plus or you can go on to BBC Bitesize. The lesson today is Sound words (onomatopoeia).

If you choose to do BBC Bitesize, watch the videos then try some of the activities. I have attached the onomatopoeia word mat.

I forgot to add your spellings yesterday so this week I would just like you to go on to spelling shed. You can choose what you would like to do.



A couple of weeks ago we were learning about Plants in science. Today I thought it would be nice to do some observational drawings of plants and flowers.

Georgia O’Keefe was an artist who loved to paint flowers close up. She loved to use vibrant colours to make her art stand out.

If you have any flowers in the house or garden, see if you can draw a close-up of a flower. If you have not got fresh flowers, I have added some pictures that you might like to copy. You will find them on the Power Point.

I have added a PP about Georgia O’Keefe incase you would like to find out more about her.


As always, make sure you do some active time.

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