Monday 29th June

Hello year 6! Another week of working from home. Keep up the hard work!

For English I would like you to recap (or read) chapter 10. Then write a non-chronological report about The Ickabog using some of the information which you have from the chapters (you should be trying to go back and skim and scan the text for evidence).
Try to include: introduction, what they look like, where they live or can be found, their diet, what are they known for? And any other information – diagrams or images can be included throughout. I have attached a planning sheet for you to use if you think this will help on google classroom.

For maths this week we are going to have a look at some problem solving. Today there are 2 tasks – odd and even challenge & prime number challenge. Tasks are available on google classroom.

Before lockdown I know we were interested in learning about WW2, following on from our learning about WW1. We know from this WW2 started 20 years and 65 days after the Treaty of Versailles had been signed as there was a recession in Germany following WW1 and this caused a lot of anger between Germany and other wealthier nations or minority groups who were successful and wealthy.

Watch this clip
It tells you about countries which were involved in WW2. Using a blank map, mark on the map (using a key) where the allies, axis and neutral parties were located. Can you identify any similarities between the allies and axis of WW1 and WW2?
Then to get a better understanding of significant events of WW2, order the events attached and draw your own timeline (in chronological order)

You can choose one significant event to research on you own to get further information.
This website is a great source of information to help you with any research

Have a good day year 6!

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