Learning our letter sounds

This week our Reception Class have been in school everyday full time. They have been introduced to a different letter sound each day. The activities for that day have been linked to the sound of the day. On “m” day we had a marshmallow challenge where the children had to use a catapult to fire marshmallows onto a spot they then had to count how many. We explored our areas outside with mirrors and magnets.

On “a ” day we threw apples into a bucket and compared our totals with our friends to see who had the most/least. We also went on an adventure to the allotment.

On “s” day we practised our new letters in sand using sticks and we made a spiral snake.

Letter “d” day was all about dinosaurs and letter “t” day was a tower making challenge day.

We have been so proud of Reception Class and how hard they have worked this week.    

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