Hi Y4,
Last week for us all. This year has gone by so fast! I am really sorry that we have not had the chance to be together for longer. However, we will be together again in September.

Today’s activities will include:

BBC Maths – Symmetry
Learn how to find lines of symmetry on shapes and practise drawing them.

This lesson includes two videos, a learning summary and four activities.

English – Fronted Adverbials
To revise how to use adverbs and fronted adverbials.
This lesson includes one video about adverbs, one video about fronted adverbials and four activities.

Try your best with the activities but not to worry if you struggle just leave it and do something else that you can manage. I continue to want you to be happy and healthy first.

Over the holidays, please keep up with:
Times Tables Me
TT Rockstars
Reading Plus
Spelling Shed

If I can help at all please get in touch.

Once again, I’m looking forward to the fruits of your hard work.

Love Mrs E xxx


Fronted Adverbials

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