Wednesday 8th July

Hello year 6! You are half way through another week of home learning! I hope you are all well 🙂

For maths, I have attached a problem solving activities to google classroom. If you find these too tricky, you can try some of the shape and space tasks on maths whizz then share your certificate or score with me.

For English, I would like you to try to the comprehension attached to google classroom about Anne Frank which will be useful for what we are moving onto in History tomorrow.

For History, following on from yesterday’s work on rationing, design a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner made completely of rations.

We are continuing with our rights respecting task. Read through the powerpoint on google classroom and design a slogan for united nations convention which celebrates human rights.

Finally, add colour to your art work. Try to use bright vibrant colours for the undamaged side and then add darker colours (blacks and greys) for the damaged side – use oranges and yellow to highlight any fire.

Have a good day 🙂


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