Wednesday 17th June

Hello year 6! Today you are all learning from home.

We are going to continue with our work on ratio. Today we are going to introduce the colon as the ratio symbol, and continue to link this with the language ‘for every…, there are…’ You need to read ratios e.g. 3 ∶ 5 as “three to five”. This relates to the order of parts. For example, ‘For every 3 bananas there are 2 apples would be the same as 3 ∶ 2 and for every 2 apples there are 3 bananas would be the same as 2 ∶ 3. Try the sheet attached to google classroom.

For English we are continuing with The Ickabog
Read chapter 2.
What do you think the Ickabog is? Can you illustrate how they see the Ickabog and describe its features around it like the task you did on Monday? Chapter 2 relies on hearsay from other people so the Ickabog you design is how you perceive it. I can’t wait to see how many different weird and wonderful creatures we have!
After reading chapter 2, you are going to predict what you think is going to happen next in the story – do you think the Ickabog would cause harm? If so, why?What happens? If not, why not? What is its purpose?

Following this I would like you to do some reading plus! Let’s see who can level up and make it on our weekly combo leaderboard!

We are going to begin to explore the circulatory system in science today using BBC Bitesize to help up.

Start by watching the videos, including the videos about the blood and the heart.
Play the quiz after watching the videos then I would like you to use the information in this guide, design a fact sheet or poster to explain what and how the circulatory system works.

Just for fun there is a catchy song you may want to listen to on youtube –

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