Happy birthday Mya and Emily

Today we have had lots of fun. We have celebrated Mya’s and Emily’s birthday by having a party this afternoon. We may have had a lot of sugar so watch out! We might be a little excited at hometime.

On a serious note, we know this is the last time we will see each other for a little while so we have made sure we have enjoyed our day. I know we are going to miss each other but hopefully not for too long. Remember to stay positive, smile and look after  each other.

I will be putting work on the website daily so don’t forget to take a look and do what you can. Take photos and send them to school so we can put them on our website. Mrs Parlett and Mr Graham have put lots of information on the website to help you navigate your way around apps etc easily.

Take care

Love from Mrs Lambert

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  1. Aww thank you so much for celebrating Mya’s birthday at this difficult time,it was really thoughtful & kind.With not being able to do much on her birthday & Butlins being cancelled this was really lovely of yous,thank you.I did not know we could bring sweets so I will sort this out when she comes back :-).Stay safe everyone & thank you for all your support,updates & care for the children,yous are amazing!

    Kind regards