10.07.20 Friday or FriYay!

Yesterday it was lovely to have some visitors!

Some of YOU returned to school for a short visit. It was lovely to chat and see your faces. I hope you were reassured about your return in September.

RE / English

This week we are finding out about two amazing people: Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa: two ordinary people who did extraordinary things! There are four links below for some comprehension work. You can choose Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa or both if you want to! Read the PDF sheets first as it contains the text. Then do the Google Doc as it has the questions. You will be able to type your answers on here and return to me.


I would like you to do Arithmetic test 26. I’ve uploaded Test B ( there are two pages) Test C and Test D. Do one test or more if you wish. Really important to keep practising these skills.

We’re finishing our masks and other projects inn school so maybe you can do something creative. Have a nice weekend. Mrs F

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