Y5 Science – Earth and Beyond!

Y5 have been learning about Earth and Space. The different topics included learning about the planets in our solar system, the movement of Earth in relation to the Sun, how we have night and day and the phases of the Moon.

We learned the order of the planets and enjoyed finding out some interesting information about each one. We tried an experiment to help us to understand night and day by using a tennis ball to act as the Earth and a torch to act as the Sun. One person could rotate the Earth and the other shone the torch onto it to see how when it faces away from the Sun, this is night time. We made some models of the Sun, Earth and Moon to show how they rotate and orbit. Finally, we learned about the phases of the Moon and how it looks different at different times of the month. We used Oreo cookies to create the different shapes for all of the phases of the Moon.

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