World Mental Health Day

Today, we celebrated World Mental Health Day. The children had the opportunity to take part in many activities to raise awareness of Mental Health and help promote good Mental Health in themselves and others.

We talked about our similarities and differences and learnt some new words, uniformity and diversity. Uniformity is when things are the same – we wear our uniforms everyday and we all look the same. Diversity is a variety of differences – today, we wore non-uniform to celebrate diversity.

We tried some relaxation activities, meditation, breathing techniques and cloud watching. There were a lot of mindfulness activities such as colouring and drawing. We also enjoyed some outdoor activities such as scavenger hunts, active time and playing games with friends. Children enjoyed discussions with classmates about how they can manage their feelings and who they can talk to when they need help. Lots of self esteem activities allowed us to see why we are all important and share our gifts and talents with each other.

We have had a brilliant day and look forward to continuing with our Mental Health and Well-Being activities in the future.

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