Tuesday 7th July

Hello year 6!

Today you are going to complete your favourite mental arithmetic! No time restriction but please try every question.

For English I would like you to complete 30 minutes of reading plus.
Then, linked with our WW2 history topic, I would like you to explore rationing.
Find out why some types of food were in short supply. Provide descriptions of typical meals and compare these with what you eat today. Many of the foods available today are due to changes in the population structure after 1945 and would not have been available before this date.
Research task: What food was rationed? Why were children given extra milk and vitamins? Was rationing a good idea? Provide a report back commenting on whether rationing is effective. You can do this on google slides or as a google doc.

Then we are going to revisit our rights. Children have not always had rights. Have a look at the rights timeline and answer the questions attached on google classroom.

Finally, carrying on from yesterday’s art, exploring damage caused by the Blitz, draw a typical street, it could include shops, businesses and houses. Draw on one half of your paper a street before the Blitz and on the second half draw a damaged street. Sketch carefully, think about what it would have looked like before and after and on the damaged side, use some of your ideas sketched yesterday.

Have a good day!

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