Tuesday 30th June

Hello year 6!

Today I would like you to read chapter 11 and chapter 12. Following King Fred’s orders to go and fetch his sword and boots, much to Flapoon and Spittleworth’s dismay, how could that chapter end? Use DADWAVERS to describe moving into the bog through the fog, what dialogue they may have between themselves etc. I have attached the DADWAVERS planning sheet to help you on google classroom (description, action, dialogue, when, adverb, verb, estimation of time, rhetorical question, simile.)

I have attached some outdoor maths tasks for you to try and complete in your garden if possible. Send a photograph or your findings to the class stream.

Following on from yesterday’s history I would like you to read through Chamberlin’s speech. This speech was announced on 3rd September 1939 explaining that England would be going to war with Germany. Complete say think feel sheet – how did it make the public feel? What were they thinking at the time? What did they say in response to this broadcast? These could be conflicting ideas.
Then try to generate some headlines about going to war that could have been put on the morning papers of the 4th September 1939. I have attached some actual examples of headlines from the time on google classroom.

Finally, we have been looking at thinking positively in PHSE. I have attached some mindfulness tasks for you to try out at home to google classroom. Let me know your favourite!

Have a good day 🙂

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