Tuesday 24th March

Today…. It’s all about you!  Go to Google Classroom for everything you will need!

Time to do a bit of writing, a bit of photography and let our new friend Ava find out all about YOU in today’s English task.

For maths, let’s get some coins out and practise some money. I’m at home with my two children today so we are going to be using coins to play snack shops. They can have £1 a day and we will give each snack a value e.g a banana is 40p. An apple is 30p. A Kit Kat is 90p!! Can you agree a treat shop system with your families at home? If you’re in school, could you play shops with some younger children?

You can also have a go at these coin problems for a bit of fun and maybe make up your own.

As usual, spellings, TT Rockstars, Numbots. If you have Lexia, go on it!

I’ve also included a link to a free David Walliams audiobook – he is reading a story every day!

Finally, our Prime Minister has said that the only time we should be going out now is for exercise or for very important trips. So don’t forget to make some time for exercise today either near your home or in your garden. It’s really hard being stuck indoors but being active helps keep our minds healthy. Joe Wicks is doing his daily routine at 9am but if you miss it he does have other things on there as well. Hopefully we will be back doing some cricket soon. Maybe you could practise some throwing and catching?

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