Tuesday 23rd June

Hello year 6!

Today we are continuing with line graphs, but today we are drawing them. Again, remember to look carefully at the intervals when plotting. You can find the sheet on google classroom.

In English, we are continuing with The Ickabog. Recap chapter 6. I’d like you to write a letter from Daisy to the King expressing why she is so angry. Focus on emotive language, maintaining respect for the King but ensuring he understands how angry she is. Then read chapter 7 or listen to Mrs Parlett read it to you.

Continuing with our science about healthy bodies and looking at what foods make us healthy, I would like you to research vitamins. We hear about them all of the time but do we really know what they are and why we need them? Complete the table with findings from your research.

Finally, in-line with our healthy bodies topic, I would like you to exercise for 30 minutes. This exercise should contain a warm up (5 mins) – do you know why it is important to warm up? A form of exercise which gets your heart rate up – you should start to feel your heart beating faster, you may begin to sweat. This is called cardio fitness (20 mins). Then complete your work out with a cool down which should contain some stretches. (5 mins)

Have a good day year 6!

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