Tuesday 16th June

Hello year 6 who are still working at home.

We are continuing with ratio today. Look carefully at the sheet on google classroom and it is going to show you how to represent ratio as a fraction. If I have 1 blue flower and 2 red flowers the ratio of blue to red flowers is 1:2 or 1/2

For English we are continuing with The Ickabog https://www.theickabog.com/read-the-story/
Re-read chapter 1 where the settings are introduced.
Which is your favourite setting? Why?
Look at the images from Carl Warner’s food landscapes attached on google classroom. Can you give his landscapes a suitable name in the style of J.K Rowling’s food inspired settings?

You are going to create a new land which could be included in the Ickabog. First you need to decide on your favourite food. Eg. Pizza.

Generate some ideas which are related to your food eg. Pepperoni, stringy cheese, red pizza sauce, dough etc
Then from this link them to things they would find in their land eg. Rows and rows of meaty hedges, red river running through etc.
Decide whether their setting is a city, town, village, is it near the coast, woodlands, hills, valleys etc.

Finally, you need to give your setting a name …e.g Pizzaville

Once you have your plan you are to write your own setting describing in good detail.
Focus on openers, using prepositional phrases and including a range of punctuation.

For Art today you are going to create a drawing of your setting in the style of Carl Warner’s food landscape. Research his work in more detail then sketch and colour your landscape which will represent your setting.

For PHSE today we are going to continue to think positive.
Read through the powerpoint and complete the activity which are attached to google classroom.
Do you have any ways to share about how you stay positive and happy?

Remember to share your work with me once you are finished. Have a good day 🙂

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