Parents Guide to Cyber Safety

With schools now being officially shut because of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is likely that there will be an increase of internet use for families and children over the coming weeks. With that in mind, here are some great tips for parents on setting up the right controls and privacy settings to ensure their child stays safe online. You can find these in detail in the ‘Parents Guide to Cyber Safety’ advice booklet which can be downloaded by clicking here.
The booklet looks at the following areas:
Smart Devices
There are a number of different ways to secure your child’s device within the phone settings. Some of these are turning off location settings, blocking inappropriate content and disabling app purchasing.
Broadband & Mobile Networks
Did you know you can restrict certain websites on devices connected to your home router? You can also use these settings to make the home Wi-Fi unavailable to a device after say 9pm for example!
We look at questions to ask when buying a games console, such as if the console or games have chat facilities, is your child able to make purchases using their games console, or does your child’s gamertag reveal their identity?
Social Media
There are many features that you can put in place to ensure social media is safe for your child, like ensuring accounts are private not public, filtering out inappropriate comments and setting up two-factor authentication.
There are also a number of websites that give detailed advice on staying safe online, such as:
I am also always available via email if you have any concerns or need a little technical help. Always happy to help! 🙂
Stay Safe!

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