Monday 23rd March

Hello Year 2. I hope that you have all hand a nice weekend and managed some outside time.


Maths – 

Each day I will be sending you a ‘Flashback’ Here there a  selection of questions relating to things already covered in class. Don’t forget to read the time on the clock in the corner!


This week we will be thinking about fractions. Use the link below to the whiterose home learning site

Watch the video for lesson 1. Click on the ‘get the activity’ bar and have a go at answering the questions. If you can print the activity sheet out then great, but if not then you can just discuss the answers.

English – This week will will be working on some grammar activities. 

What is a noun?     The name of a person,place or an object.

What is an adjective?     An adjective is a describing word and describes the noun.

Look around your house and find 10 nouns. They can be as wild and wonderful as you like. Can you use these in a sentence with an adjective. Then underline the nouns in one colour and the adjectives in another.

Active time

Don’t forget to have some active time. Have a look at BBC supermovers, go on a scooter ride or have a walk.


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