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This week’s science task relies on your observational skills to begin with.  I have an image which has been zoomed in significantly.

First, I would like you to scroll slowly, looking and guessing what you think each picture is – don’t race to the end and cheat, the fun is in the guessing!


How many pictures did it take you before you realised it was a muddy shoe?

Have a look at the footwear you have in your house. What do you think are the best shoes for running? How might you test your ideas and decide?

Could you make some footwear, such as flip-flops or slippers, from recyclable materials (paper, card, clean packaging materials, any fabric scraps or old clothing)?

Were you new shoes successful? Who was lucky enough in your household to wear them?

Please send any pictures of your very trendy footwear or any other science work to me, Miss Huntley at l.huntley@stcuthbertsprimary.com

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