Friday 3rd July

Well done year 6 you have completed another week of home learning. I hope you are all enjoying learning about WW2. Over the weekend, have a chat with your family to see if any of your family history leads back to involvement in the war, it could be on the home front or with the armed forces. WW2 is recent history and you may have some family who were born not long after the war had ended.

For English read chapter 16 and 17. Spittleworth was asking if the guards if they had any questions about what happened in the Marshlands … and they did. What questions do you think the citizens of Cornucopia had about the rumours they were hearing? For each town, generate 5 questions (draw a symbol to represent each town and write questions underneath)
Eg. “Is it true the Ickbog can devour a whole troop of armed soldiers?” – Mrs Bakewell (from Chouxville)

For Maths today I have attached our beloved mental arithmetic on google classroom.

In History today I would like you to look on the Imperial War Museum website at extracts from evacuees. What impression do the children have of evacuees so far? What else would they like to know?

Finally as it is Friday, watch a film you mentioned (if possible) or begin to read a story which has children as evacuees from WW2 in it. Make notes throughout the film or book about what you learn about the war, shelters, evacuees and how it affected people.

All resources you may need are on Google Classroom. Let me know if you have trouble accessing anything.

Have a good weekend 🙂

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