Friday 26th June

It’s Friday! Well done for how hard you have worked this week year 6!

For maths today we are going to complete one of our old favourite arithmetics! Remember to try and complete it within 30 minutes if you can, but don’t worry if it takes you longer, I would rather you worked on your working out and be more accurate!
Once you have finished I have attached some flashback 4 tasks for you to try.

For English I would like you to read chapter 9 and highlight vocabulary which you feel is ambitious or you do not know the meaning of. Can you use this new vocabulary within a sentence of your own?

Once you have complete this task please have one final push on reading plus for this week.

This afternoon before you decide to do something FUN, I would like you to think again about your move to secondary school. What do you think will be the same? What do you think will be different? Luke I have attached a special transition task for you to try.

All the resources you need for today are on google classroom. If you have any issues with accessing them, please e-mail me directly.

Have a fun Friday year 6, doing some things with family or on your own which you enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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