Friday 19th June

Hello year 6! Friday is finally here!

To finish off our work on ratio we are going to explore scale factors using your knowledge of ratio to help you. You are going to enlarge shapes to make them 2 or 3 times bigger. This is called the “scale factor.” You are going to draw 2-D shapes on a grid to a given scale factor and be able to use vocabulary, such as, “Shape A is three times as big as shape B”
Try the sheet on google classroom, if you are finding this tricky, I have set a 2do on Purple Mash for you to practice. Remember it is just applying what you have learnt about ratio.

For English check you have completed your punctuating dialogue task on
Then Read chapter 4 of The Ickabog.
The King wanted the Dovetails moved as he didn’t like the black drapes to be close to the Palace.
Discuss how the Dovetails may have felt knowing they had to swap home with the Roach’s. Would they be happy to be closer to the graveyard? Would they be unhappy that they are leaving their home with memories?

You are to write a short piece of dialogue between Herringbone and Mr Dovetail as Herringbone requests that Mr Dovetail swaps his house as it is too big for only two people to be living there and that the King believes that is best.
You should ensure your verbs and adverbs capture the emotion of Mr Dovetail and you need to decide whether Herringbone showed compassion, was assertive or was anxious when having this conversation.

Finally as it is Friday, use this as an opportunity to catch up on any unfinished work from this week, complete a reading plus activity and get active!
Since it is Friday and the weather is not looking too great, why don’t you choose a film to watch. Share with us your favourite films!
Have a good weekend 🙂

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