Friday 10th July

Happy Friday year 6!

For maths today I have attached a rationing task in line with our work on WW2 on google classroom.

For English I would like you to complete the reading plus final assessment. This will show the progress you have made since you did the initial assessment in January.

For history I would like you to complete the attached task on google classroom linking back to our work on Anne Frank. Complete a drawing of what you would include in your suitcase if you had to go into hiding. Then write, explaining why you would take these items. Think carefully. If you say computer, remember you may not have internet access etc.

We are going to complete more work on rights respecting. Today we are looking at respecting the rights of others. On google classroom read through the powerpoint and complete the attached tasks.

As it is Friday, try to do something fun. Something to relax.

Have a good weekend 🙂

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