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Chinese New Year

We have enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year in Year 2. We listened to the story of the zodiac animals and we all made our own dancing dragon.

In English, we wrote our own set of instructions to make a Chinese vegetable stir fry and we followed these to make our very own stir fry. We enjoyed eating it afterwards using our chopsticks. We also enjoyed trying prawn crackers and Mrs. Wilkinson gave us all a fortune cookie to take home.

We have also listened to the story of the willow pattern and have enjoyed designing our own willow pattern plates.

We had great fun competing in the jelly bean challenge where we had to see how many jelly beans we could pick up in one minute using chopsticks. Molly was our class champion and managed 24!

We also had a special visitor from China who told us all about Chinese New Year. We learnt all about the lantern festival and also the lion dances which happen throughput the New Year celebrations. Some of us even had a turn wearing the costume and dancing to the music.

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