Article of the week is back!

This week’s articles are article 12 & article 13. We are excited about these articles as it has been a long time since we have been able to meet together as groups without the restriction of “bubbles.”

Article 12 – Respect for the Views of the Child
Article 13 – Freedom of Expression.

Last week in school, Pupil voice was very important and children were able to express if they wanted to be part of different groups in school. This year we have our school council, eco council, rights respecting ambassadors, buddies, head boy and head girl, prefects, JRSO’s, anti-bullying ambassadors and sports leaders (just to name a few!)

Adults allowed time for children to plan what they would like to say and the children showed respect by listening to others and their views.

Remember, everyone is part of a group and has a voice whether it is in class, at home, at a club inside or out of school, or part of the local parish. Everyone belongs. Everyone has the right to be listened to.

A reminder of what Articles 12&13 mean:

Time to think:

Rights Respecting Tasks to carry out at school or at home:

Videos and resources to support the activities:



Remember to send any completed tasks or photographs to Miss Huntley

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