17.07.20 Year 4 Final Message

Well it’s that time, FriYay!
I can’t really believe that today is the last day of the school year! Your time in Y4 has been different and it is such a shame that you all weren’t able to come back to school! We would have had a great time as the summer term is always such a lovely one with outdoor work, trips and long playtimes!
However you must now move onto your next class and therefore I wish you all an enjoyable few weeks holiday; hoping the weather is good for us! Then the best of luck as you move into Y5 in September. I know you’ll just be next door but I will miss you a lot as you’ve been a smashing group to teach. Remember this was my first time teaching Y4 so I’ll remember you all and I hope you will have fond memories of me, Mrs Eadsforth and Mrs Donnelly.

I’m posting some holiday packs here if you want to use them. It’s entirely up to you.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay positive.
Love and best wishes
from Mrs Fitzpatrick xx

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