15.07.20 Wednesday’s are Wonderful!

Hi everyone
It’s Wonderful Wednesday as that means only a few more days till the holiday!
I’m posting all your work messages here so you can decide when / how to do it over the next couple of days:
Two pieces of Maths, an English / RE writing task, a Science lesson, a Music lesson and finally a music quiz!

All links on Google Classroom as usual.

Describe position and Draw on a grid. There are teaching videos and worksheets

Writing / RE Task
Following up on your work last week, on Saint Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, I’d like you to do a short piece of writing about one of them. I’d like it to be a few paragraphs as you’d find in an encyclopedia. It should be a summary including the important bits. Maybe a first paragraph about their early life then a couple of paragraphs about their progress towards their amazing, life changing work which had an impact on our world. Then a final paragraph to complete the piece of writing, a summary or conclusion. Do this on a Google Doc if you can so I can read it easily.

Science using BBC Bitesize
What is sound? Use observation and enquiry skills to investigate how sound travels. Discover more in this guide which includes:
one video to watch about sound
three hands-on activities to try

Something different
The music of Florence Price
Learn about pulse, rhythm and the character of music with Florence Price and the Juba Dance.
This lesson includes:
one video exploring Florence Price and the Juba Dance
four activities to try at home

Test your music knowledge with this quiz!
Find out if you’re a musical maestro or a rhythm rookie in this music quiz from Bitesize Primary.
There’s also part 2 to test your music knowledge
Find out if you’re a crescendo champion or a notation novice in this second music quiz from Bitesize Primary.

Have a good day and I’d love to hear how you get on with a message.
Mrs F x

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