09.07.20 Thursday

Well it’s going to be a busy day in school as some of you are coming for your visit. Big smiles please otherwise some of us will get emotional, even teary!

Looking forward to it very much and so is Mrs Eadsforth and Mrs Parlett. Excited!!

However I still need to post some work for the rest of the day.

Maths – Quadrilaterals
It’s a while since you first learnt about the four sided quadrilaterals.
Here’s the W R video link



Remember Maths Flashbacks too posted on Monday for the week!

RE / English
Week 3: There are lots of famous people who show the love of Jesus in their lives and actions and lots of ordinary people who are not famous also live lives showing us what God is like. Read St Paul’s letter to the Colossians (see below or in Background Notes for RE topic – God’s People ) and key questions.

Week 3
St Paul was always writing letters to the friends he had made all over the world.
In one letter to the Christians in Colossae he said:

“You are created by God, to be like God.
You are God’s people, his saints. He loves you. You are all different.
You come from different places,
speak in different ways, have different customs.
But the important thing is that you are God’s children.
So love one another, help one another, be at peace with one another.
And let the love of Jesus fill your hearts and minds.”
(based on Colossians 3:10−11)

Q Paul says we are all different. How might people be different from one another?
Q Why is it good to be different?
Q What is the important message in Paul’s letter?
Q What does Paul consider to be important? Would you agree with him?
Q How can you live your daily life really well?

Then there’s the suggestion you read the fact files on Oscar Romero, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King.
I suggest you try to read about Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa today as I’m setting some comprehension work tomorrow. Talk about these two amazing people with an adult if you can.

I think that might be enough for today but if you want more you can do the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling that’s included below ( spot the mistakes made by Mr Whoops!)
Then there’s always Times Table work, Reading Plus, your journal as well as always some outdoor time as well!

The links for these are in the Google Classroom

Stay happy and positive
See some of you soon.
Mrs F XX

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