Year 6 – The Work Place

On Tuesday, Year 6 visited The Work Place at Newton Aycliffe and took part in a safety carousel. We took part in workshops with: the Police, RLNI, First Aiders, Fire Service, Northern Powergrid and Road Safety.

With the Police, we learnt about the importance of internet safety, cyber crime and the reason certain games and social media has age restrictions.
With the RLNI, we learnt about how to stay safe around water, don’t walk too close to the edges and what the coloured flags mean when they are out to sea.

With the Fire Service, we carried out a quiz about the importance of checking fire alarms and having a fire escape plan as well as what to do in the event of a fire.

With the First Aiders, we learnt the meaning of “DR ABC.” We now know if we find someone who is unconscious we check for dangers, check for a response and if there is no response we need to check their airways, breathing and call for help before putting them into the recovery position.

With Northern Powergrid, we were really surprised to find: electricity jump, it would only take 50 volts to kill a human, there are 230 volts in our home but between 11,000 and 30,000 volts in power stations and overhead wires.

Finally, with the Road Safety officers we had to examine a crime scene, how it happened and who was at fault. We also discussed how it all could have been avoided.

We found this visit really informative and we are now aware of dangers we were unaware of before!


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