Show Racism The Red Card

Wearing something red today was to help raise awareness about racism. We were showing racism the red card!


In our school today we have all been learning about racial discrimination and stereotyping. We are learning how to challenge prejudices we may encounter and how to educate other to live peacefully in our multi-cultural society. We know, we all have rights!


Reception class have been discussing how they were all different and they could recognise things which were different about each other.

Year 1 sat in a circle and discussed how it is important to show respect for different races, religions and cultures.


Year 2 have discussed and looked at the impact racism has on people and how it might make them feel.


Year 3 have been learning about the impact of racism and looked at some racism poetry.


Year 4 have discussed what is meant by racism and took part in a whole class activity which demonstrated what it might be like to be a victim of racism and how senseless racism is.


Year 5 have used ICT to make multi-cultural faces. We have learned about racism coming from the fear of being different and what we could do to make sure we respect everyone and stand up to racism.



Year 6 have been looking at examples of actual racial incidents which occurred with famous footballers and how people react differently in these situations. We created some agony aunt pages called “Dear Brenda” to seek advice and guidance where a racial issue has occurred.

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