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Rights Respecting Meeting Minutes

Rights Respecting Group 05/12/2017

People present

Mrs Fitzpatrick, Miss Huntley, Catherine Strong, Dorothy Martin, Barry Graham, Paula McGann

All Rights Respecting steering group children present apart from Year 5 as both children are absent due to sickness.

Mrs Fitzpatrick explained that this group was to meet regularly to discuss children’s rights in school, in the community of Seaham and the wider world.

Mrs Fitzpatrick reminded the children that they had been asked to choose a favourite article from a selection of small books she had and she passed around a new leaflet from Unicef which was a summary of UN convention on the Rights of the Child.

The children were asked to look at the leaflet and consider how we could incorporate  some of the articles around the school ie labels next to the water coolers , food (kitchen) etc. It was decided Mrs Strong and Mr Graham would oversee this.

The question was asked do we need to re-visit our classroom and playground charters?

We discussed a school mascot.  Previously children in school had been asked to design what they thought a suitable mascot would look like. The school council looked through these pictures and chose their favourite ones for consideration.

Steering group given article booklet to take home and share with friends and family. Books to be given to school council members ready to do the same before they have their ‘Global action’ workshop in January

The group decided to meet again in Early January.

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One comment

  1. I felt very privileged to be part of this steering group at Tuesday’s meeting. I loved the way Mrs. Fitzpatrick discussed all the steps, taken so far, with the children present. And, how too, the children responded so readily and positively in the following discussion about the next steps to be taken by them, and everyone in the school to continue to further develop St. Cuthbert’s Primary as a Rights Respecting school.

    I was delighted, and proud too, to be invited to encourage and help Key Stage 1 pupils to use their newly developed cursive writing skills to write out some of the 54 articles that cover all of the children’s rights, taken from the United National Convention On The rights of the Child. The articles will be displayed all around school and in the playground where the children can read them and talk about them too.

    After the meeting of the steering group I came home to read the Unicef leaflets that had been given out to all the adults and children in the steering group.
    * A Better Life For Everyone….. a summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child…. and
    * What Is Unicef…….. a very interesting read about how UNICEF began in 1946 after the end of World War 2 and how UNICEF helped make life better and safer for children living in Europe after the war. And from 1953 began helping children all over the world. Now UNICEF work in more than 190 countries to protect children everywhere and help them to have the best start in life.

    Now the children in St. Cuthbert’s are working towards achieving the Rights Respecting School award by continuing the work of UNICEF by promoting the 54 articles of the United Nations Convention On Rights of the Child as laid down in the 54 articles, in and around school, and throughout the community.

    A very exciting and worthwhile project.

    As I was planning lots of ideas to take to the next steering meeting of ways for the children to advertise their steps and activities to achieve the Rights Respecting School award, I thought they could
    *give talks in each classroom on, ‘What is UNICEF?’
    *video each step taken ….
    of the children designing the posters of the 54 articles; the children posting the posters around the school and playground; video the classroom presentations; present the video in an assembly; invite Father Hastie, The Mayor Of Seaham, Headteachers from other schools; give a presentation in St. Cuthbert’s church to the parishioners; use the words of the articles as lyrics to put to a familiar song to perform at assemblies and liturgies; connect with a school in another part of the world to share their steps towards achieving the Rights Respecting School award; have a coffee morning to present their initiative to the community, proceeds in aid of a charity.

    In other words
    * do what they can to act in ways that will enable other children and young people, locally and globally, to enjoy their rights.

    So much to plan and do but the staff and children are up for it. They will have lots more ideas.