Flu Vaccinations

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Last year we saw an increasing amount of children with flu-like symptoms. Some children in your local area were admitted to hospital and were confirmed as having influenza. In addition, several primary schools were closed due to flu-like illness. Ensure you protect your child this winter!

Dear Parent/Guardian,

If your child is in Reception to Year 7 and you would like them to have the nasal flu spray then please visit the link or scan the QR code below to consent for your child (one for each child) to receive their flu vaccine on 5th November 2020. This consent must be completed asap (and at least 2 days before we are due in your school) to ensure we can vaccinate your child when we are in school. Please note the consent form has been improved and simplified.

You will be asked to enter a secure school code:

School Name: Code:

St Cuthberts Seaham 114235


This vaccination programme is in place to help protect your child against flu. Flu can be a very serious illness and sometimes causes major health complications particularly in children and the elderly. Vaccinating your child will also help protect more vulnerable friends and family by preventing the spread of flu. Please ensure you read and understand all the information by visiting https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/child-flu-vaccine/ before you complete the consent form.

While preventing the spread of Covid-19 and caring for those infected is a public health priority, it remains very important to maintain good coverage of immunisations, particularly in the childhood programme. In


addition to protecting the individual, this will avoid outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases that could harm individuals and increase further the numbers of patients requiring health services.

Note: The nasal flu vaccine contains trace amounts of products derived from pigs (porcine gelatine). More information is available from www.nhs.uk/child-flu-FAQ

The vaccination is free and recommended for children and is given via a quick and simple spray up the nose.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on: 03000 032554

Yours sincerely,

Karen Guest-Humphries
Clinical Lead,
Childhood Immunisation Team for Durham, Darlington and Teesside


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