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Year 5: Grinton Lodge 2018

Day 1: We have definitely needed the suncream – it has been beautiful weather! We enjoyed lunch outside and played in the park then, once Stuart arrived, we headed down into Swaledale Valley to Reeth. We enjoyed skimming stones, making some sunhats and then relaxing with an ice cream on the village green.  On our way back we did a bit of Geo-caching and found some tricky hiding places.

We’ve settled into our rooms and written some postcards tonight so you should receive them on Wednesday. Everyone is full of smiles and we have a really happy class. And don’t worry – even the fussy eaters tucked into their tea!



Day 2: Today we walked 6 miles around Grinton Moor. We learned that even though it looks bare, it is actually used for grouse shooting and takes a lot of looking after and costs a lot of money.  We also found some evidence of life here in the past when this was a lead mining area.  We enjoyed hunting for galena (lead ore) and found some amazing bits.  More geocaching in some pretty deep heather was fun as well and we loved climbing up the hillside chimney from the disused lead mine and scrambling down the cliff face.

We were all pretty sleepy this evening but managed some games and cake for a special 10th birthday and of course a game of bingo! Everyone was fast asleep pretty quickly tonight!

Day 3:
Today we have been to Cogden Beck.  We collected freshwater creatures from the beck and used the biotic index to see how polluted the water was.  After this we had great fun making dams.

Day 4: This morning the bus took us to Marske.  The weather was gorgeous and  we walked 5 miles. We arrived back to Grinton Lodge where we had great fun going back to see our dams that we had built yesterday.  Bangers and mash for tea were popular and went down a treat.  Sadly after tea we have had to pack to come home, but we are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

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  1. thank you for the updates, please to read they’re having a good time (& eating)