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Year 5 – Grinton Lodge 2017

Day 1

Today we walked approximately 4 miles to the village of Reeth.  We learned about tourism and farming in the area and the natural physical features of Swaledale.  We also really enjoyed geocaching and found all 4 that we looked for!  Even though it was raining (a LOT) we had a great time walking through fields and along footpaths, seeing the lambs and skimming stones – we definitely worked up an appetite for tea. And don’t worry everyone at home, we all ate at tea time and have gone to bed no problem.  The bedrooms are the tidiest on residential we’ve ever seen so far!

Photo of Mrs Parlett and Mr Graham trying to sneak to the pub but Mrs Watson wouldn’t let them.

Day 2

Today we headed out onto the moors to find out about how the land used to be used compared to how it is used now.  We learned that grouse shooting is big money out here – in the summer, people can pay up to £10,000 for a day’s shooting and feasting while being whizzed round in a Land Rover.  We could have done with the Land Rover ourselves after battling the first hour against wind, rain and sleet!  What a miserable start. Fortunately it dried off a bit and we enjoyed hunting for galena and climbing up the old smelting chimney.  Almost 6 miles in the wind gave us quite an appetite and we ate our dinner in record time (all still tucking in, so please don’t worry!)  The sun came out this evening – hurray! A game of cricket, kite building and game playing rounded off our day.

Day 3

Today we have been to Cogden Beck.  We collected freshwater creatures from the beck and used the biotic index to see how polluted the water was.  After this we had great fun making dams.

Day 4

This morning the bus took us to Marske.  The weather was gorgeous but too hot for climbing the hill!  We walked approximately 7 miles and it was harder in the heat than the rain on Tuesday.  We arrived back to Grinton Lodge where we had great fun doing an ‘unnatural trail’.  Stuart had hidden 36 unnatural objects that we had to find – some were really tricky.  Beef burgers for tea were popular and went down a treat.  Sadly after tea we have had to pack to come home, but we are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Day 4

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  1. Hello all… you all look like you’re having a fantastic time! Your accommodation looks amazing! So jealous! Haha.

    Have fun everyone, love Lily Cowie’s Mam xxx

  2. Michelle johnson

    Fantastic pictures
    Looks like you are all having lots of fun
    Love Matthews mum xxx

  3. Great pics, they all seem to be enjoying themselves despite the weather!!!!!

  4. Michael Sennett

    Great pics, good to see you are all enjoying it despite the rain.

  5. Lily Cowie's grandma

    Aw looks so exciting, wish I was there, my favourite part of Britain. Enjoy kids and staff xx

  6. Looks like you’re all having a fantastic time. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. Michael Sennett

    Cheer up Jake lol

  8. Hi good to see you all having fun . Love Julie Keira Mam

  9. A octopus wishes you a fun time
    and so does a koala

  10. WOW!!! I’m so jealous. It looks like you are all having an amazing time. I bet you are all tired by the end of the day. Can’t wait for the case full of dirty washing:) Enjoy your last evening tonight and see you all tomorrow.

    Susan Lambert

  11. Brilliant photos. Looks like everyones having a great time. Loved our postcard. Enjoy your last night and day everyone xx

  12. Looks like your all having a amazing time, I love looking at the photos every morning.

    The postcards where a lovely surprise, have a safe journey home and I’ll see you soon.

    Sarah bishop.

  13. Great pictures and so glad yous all had a great time so looking forward to seeing you oliver x louie missed you so much

  14. Hope you enjoyed it guys

  15. i remember that!!