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Visit from Grahame Morris MP

By Bella Ramshaw

Today – 2nd February 2018 – Grahame Morris and two other colleagues came into our class – Y5 – because Daniel had written a letter to him and he said he would like to come in to see if he or anyone else had any questions for him.

We asked him quite a few questions and these were some of his answers. He always argues at times when he is debating with another MP but he is not allowed to butt in unless he is asked. He used to work for the NHS before he got involved in Parliament and he only got involved in the Labour party due to a miners strike. He was the youngest ever councillor for the Labour party at only 21 and he was elected as MP for Seaham and Easington when he was 48. He spoke for an hour and a half when he was talking about women getting their pension taken off them and he was trying to protect them. He is trying to convince all the cafes down on the seafront to replace their plastic straws with paper straws and Wetherspoons have already started doing that worldwide. He gets on the train that goes from Sunderland straight to London on a late Sunday night or an early Monday morning so he can get to Parliament and he comes back every Thursday but the travel on the train is a good 4 or 5 hours and even on the weekend he still has to have meetings. He can’t even go to Asda without staying there for 3 hours. It is very bad if you get on the wrong side of the speaker because then you won’t be picked to have your say. His words were “This is the best job IN THE WORLD – every day it’s different!” Finance discussions can go on for ages, once he was there until 1 a.m on Christmas Eve. He said that if he hadn’t chosen to be an MP first he would have been a teacher, Mrs Parlett didn’t agree with that!


Mrs Parlett:

Bella asked to report on Mr Morris’s visit and I was delighted to allow her – I haven’t edited this at all and I am sure all our readers will agree that she has done a wonderful job!  We really enjoyed our visit and I know the children have been inspired by knowing that their influence can make a difference. We are going to try to get involved with supporting a beach clean up and writing to local cafes and bars to ask them to try to make some steps to reducing plastic pollution.

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