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The Karate Kid

So delighted to see this on our Twitter feed tonight!  Read our brown belt’s interview with Ella from our Sports Crew below:

Ella: How old are you C?

C: I’m six years old.


Ella: How long have you been going to your karate class?

C: I’ve been going to karate class for three years.

Ella: Have you earned any achievements from going to karate classes for three years?

C: Yes, I got my Brown Belt.

Ella: What does this achievement mean for you?

C: Since my brown belt I’ve got better at karate.

Ella: What is your favourite thing about karate?

C: I enjoy earning belts.

Ella: Why would you recommend this type of club to your friends?

C: I think karate is lots of fun and I think my friends would enjoy it as well.

If you have any achievements or you enjoy an out of school club that you’d like to share with our School Sports Crew, then see Mrs Parlett or Ella in Y6.

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One comment

  1. Aw well done Ella. This a lovely interview with our grandson Corey. I felt choked up reading it I was so happy. Thank you very much.
    Corey’s nana and pops