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Skipping School

Thursday 16th November

Gail from Skipping School came in to work with most of our classes today.  We all practised group skipping and individual skipping.  Year 5 now have a trained team of skipping leaders who know how to do games and skills with children from Reception right up to Y6 and they are excited to get onto the yard and get everyone skipping.  This is one of the ways we have used some of our Sport Premium budget with the aim of getting our children as active as possible at playtimes to get our 60 minutes of exercise a day.  We’re also looking forward to our Y3 and 4 Skipping School day in the spring term and the festival that will follow.

Bella, from our Sports Crew has written about the day here:

Today every class, apart from Year 6 and Year 3, had a skipping lesson with Mrs Robinson. We learned extra double bounce skills and used the big rope to do run, jump, out. After lunch 16 of us were chosen to be skip leaders and we were taught some games for key stage one and two. Some of the games for Year Reception and Year One are The Train Tunnel and The Worm. For The Train Tunnel you have to get to just run straight through the big rope and they go “CHOO CHOO!” when they run through then they make a chugging sound when they go back in the line’ The Worm is where you wriggle the big rope on the floor and you tell them to put their imaginary wellies on and glue their feet together and then they have to jump over the wiggly worm and into the puddle on the other side then jump over again. The final one doesn’t have a name but they have to point their toes in the  direction of the rope and you have to swing the rope out then in then over their heads and they get 5 bounces.


By Bella

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