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Name and Category End of term of office Declaration of interest
Helen Coates – Chair  Foundation Governor 31.8.20 None
Kelly Lamond – Vice Chair  Foundation Governor 25.11.18 None
Nicola Noble – Head Teacher None
Elaine Parlett – Staff Governor 5.2.22 None
Gayle Sumby – Local Authority Governor 14.2.21 None
Victoria Bramley – Foundation Governor 17.4.20 None
Eileen Calvert – Foundation Governor 3.6.18 None
Tonia Gunn – Foundation Governor 6.9.21 None
Rev M.A. Hastie – Foundation Governor 31.8.20 None
Kelly Stokoe – Foundation Governor 31.8.20 None
Maria Varley – Parent Governor 23.11.21 None
Ian West – Parent Governor 18.6.20 None
Paula McGann – Co-opted Governor 18.10.19 None


Governor Responsibilities:

Literacy                                  Mrs Maria Varley
Maths                                     Mrs Helen Coates
Religious Education/Catholic life of the school   Rev MA Hastie
SEND                                       Mrs Gayle Sumby
EYFS                                        Mrs Tonia Gunn
ICT/E-safety                           Mr Ian West
PE/Sport                                 Mr Ian West
Safeguarding                        Mrs Kelly Lamond


Appeals: Mrs Victoria Bramley,  Rev M.A Hastie,  Mrs Tonia Gunn,  Mrs Kelly Stokoe

School and Community: Mrs Paula McGann, Mrs Kelly Stokoe, Mrs Gayle Sumby, Mrs Elaine Parlett, Mrs Maria Varley

Finance, Premises and Grounds: Rev M.A Hastie, Mrs Maria Varley, Mrs Paula McGann, Mrs Gayle Sumby, Mr Ian West

Pay Review/Capability: Miss Eileen Calvert, Mrs Helen Coates, Mrs Kelly Lamond, Mrs Nicola Noble, Mrs Gayle Sumby

Personnel: Mrs Helen Coates, Rev M.A Hastie, Mrs Paula McGann, Mr Ian West, Mrs Elaine Parlett

Admissions: Miss Eileen Calvert, Mrs Paula McGann, Mrs Nicola Noble, Mrs Helen Coates

The Finance, Premises & Grounds Committee

Rev M.A Hastie, Mrs Paula McGann, Mrs Gayle Sumby, Mr Ian West, Mrs Maria Varley

Terms of Reference:

  • In conjunction with the Headteacher to draft the first formal budget plan of the financial year, for approval by the full Governing Body.
  • To establish and maintain an up to date 3 year financial plan.
  • To monitor income and expenditure, including virement decisions, significant anomalies from the anticipated position and report termly to the Governing Body.
  • To ensure the school operates within the financial regulations of the County Council and the requirements of the DfE Financial Management Standard for Schools.
  • To monitor expenditure of all voluntary funds kept on behalf of the Governing Body.
  • To annually review charges and remissions policies and expenses policies.
  • To make decisions in respect of service level agreements.
  • To make decisions on expenditure following recommendations from other committees.
  • To prepare financial statements for inclusion in any reports to parents.
  • To ensure as far as is practical that any Health and Safety (H&S) issues are appropriately funded in accordance with priorities.
  • To ensure that Pay Review Committee and Pay Appeal Committee decisions are appropriately funded.

Meetings: termly, or each half term, planned to coincide with Smartstream.

Disqualifications: when there may be a conflict of interest; a fair hearing is required; or a pecuniary interest.  Associate members may not vote.

Personnel Committee

Mrs Helen Coates, Rev M.A Hastie, Mrs Paula McGann, Mrs Elaine Parlett, Mr Ian West

Terms of Reference:

  • To carry out an annual review of the staffing structure in consultation with the Headteacher and the Finance Committee.
  • To oversee the appointment procedure for all staff.
  • To establish and review a performance management policy for all staff.
  • To keep under review work/life balance, working conditions and well being, including the monitoring of absence.
  • To make recommendations to the Finance Committee on Personnel-related expenditure.
    • All staff other than Headteacher, unless exceptional circumstances existMeetings: Half TermlyPecuniary interest.

      Delegation to the Headteacher

      School Staffing (England) Regulations 2009.

      Appointment:  The Governing Body can delegate the power to appoint outside the leadership group to:

      • The Headteacher
      • One or more Governors with the right of the Headteacher to advise
      • One or more Governors and the Headteacher


      Delegate to the Headteacher as above for:

      • Permanent teaching staff posts
      • Permanent support staff posts
      • Temporary staff


      Dismissals:  Governing Body delegates to Headteacher responsibility for the dismissal of: Headteacher to a committee of the Governing Body

Pay Review (First)/Capability Committee

Miss Eileen Calvert, Mrs Helen Coates, Mrs Kelly Lamond, Mrs Nicola Noble, Mrs Gayle Sumby

Terms of Reference:

  • To act in accordance with the Whole School Pay Policy adopted by the Governing Body to include matters relating to: teaching and learning responsibility payments, SEN(Special Educational Needs) allowances, recruitment and retention payments, points for previous experience, bursaries, regradings.
  • To report to the Finance Committee on Pay Review-related expenditure.
  • Hearings up to and including dismissal unless delegated to Headteacher.

Meetings: Autumn term, plus as and when necessary.

Disqualifications: School staff. Pecuniary interest.

Admissions Committee (Voluntary Aided Schools only)

Miss Eileen Calvert, Mrs Helen Coates, Mrs Paula McGann, Mrs Nicola Noble

Terms of Reference:

  • To determine within statutory provisions and the Governing Body policy whether any child shall be admitted to the school.
  • To review admission arrangements and to make recommendations for changes to the Governing Body.

Meetings: When required.

Disqualifications: Associate members may not vote.

Children’s School & Community Committee

ECM areas- Be Healthy, Staying Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Economic Wellbeing

Mrs Paula McGann, Mrs Elaine Parlett, Mrs Kelly Stokoe, Mrs Gayle Sumby, Mrs Maria Varley

  • Ensuring that the school meets health and safety requirements and review the schools H&S policy regularly.
  • Ensuring that PE is taught as part of the school curriculum and monitoring the quality and adequacy of provision.
  • Promoting an ethos that encourages participation in competitive sport both within the school and between schools.
  • Monitoring nutritional standards within the school to include school meals, snack provision and food available during wrap-around provision.
  • Ensure that the school’s policy on SEN is consistent with the code of practice and Equalities Act and that arrangements are made to ensure the policy is monitored and reviewed regularly.  The policy is known to parents and carers.
  • Consider developing a whole school drugs policy.
  • Decide whether or not to provide sex and relationships education and consult parents (Primary).  Agree the content and organisation of the school’s programme of sex and relationship education and notify parents of their right to withdraw their child (all secondary schools and primary schools that choose to provide S&R education).
  • Monitor pupils’ attitudes, values and how other personal qualities are developed within the school through the provision of RE and PHSCE and that parents are told of their right to withdraw their child.
  • Ensure the effective integration of children with SEN.
  • Consider the provision of sex and drugs education.  Secondary schools: ensure sex education is provided.
  • Ensure that adequate provision is made to make the building safe and secure, Health and Safety policy.
  • Ensure the school is fulfilling its responsibilities regarding child protection and the requirements of “Working Together to Safeguard Children”.
  • Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Policies.
  • Ensure that buildings and the learning environment are maintained and fit for purpose.
  • Oversee the use of the premises by outside users.
  • Establish and keep under review an asset management /building development plan.
  • Conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of education achievement (SSFA 1998).
  • Set targets for achievement at KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE.  Monitor the school’s performance against these targets.
  • Monitor the achievement of disadvantaged groups and the impact of policies on race, SEN, Looked After Children and Disability on pupils, parents and communities.
  • Contribute to the development and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan and the SEF.
  • Ensure that every child receives the full statutory curriculum that the school must provide. to their parents/ guardians annually.
  • Set attendance targets and monitor the school’s performance against these targets.
  • Ensure the school has a curriculum policy that meets pupils’ needs.
  • Ensure the school has policies on Race and Disability Discrimination.
  • In general terms, monitor teaching and learning and the progress of pupils.
  • Monitor the provision of extra-curricular activities including overnight stays provided to encourage recreation and social development.
  • Ensure the quality of education, teaching and learning (see Enjoy and Achieve re promoting high standards).
  • Plan to raise standards of achievement and monitor the school’s performance.
  • Consider out-of-hours provision (wrap around provision, study support, extended schools).
  • Ensure that the 14-19 curriculum is broad-based and provides for vocational training as well as academic qualifications.
  • Ensure that all pupils have access to careers advice.
  • Ensure the school works well with its community, parents and other schools.
  • Ensure the school meets the requirements of the SEN and relevant disability legislation.
  • Ensure the school works effectively with other agencies to support vulnerable children and their families.Meetings: At least termly.Disqualifications: None.

Appeals Committee

Mrs Victoria Bramley, Mrs Tonia Gunn, Rev M.A. Hastie, Mrs Kelly Stokoe

Terms of Reference:

  • To consider any appeal against a decision to dismiss a member of staff made by the Hearing/First Committee (or Headteacher if delegated).
  • To consider any appeal against a decision under the personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body. (eg. disciplinary, pay review etc.).
  • To consider any appeal against selection for redundancy.
  • To hear appeals against dismissal for capability only.

Meetings: as and when required.  Must have no fewer members than the Hearing.

Disqualifications: Headteacher.  Any governor who was involved in the hearing. Spouse/partner.


Virement Limits Expenditure Limits
Limit set for Headteacher without prior written approval of Chair or Governing Body £1,000 Any items of expenditure up to £5,000
Limit set for Headteacher with approval from Chair of Governors Between




Above this limit if item was previously notified to the Governing Body. Prior Governing Body approval to be sought outside of this limit. £5,000
Prior Governing Body approval to be sought outside of this limit. Above


Limit set for the Headteacher without prior approval of the Governing Body for the specific item of expenditure. Above



NBAny goods/services purchased and works to be carried out are subject to Durham County Council Contract Procedure Rules (January 2014) for quotations.