July, 2018

  • 13 July

    Unclaimed Raffle Prizes

    Unclaimed raffle prizes from todays main raffle: 20th Prize: Nail Bundle – Yellow 306-310 24th Prize: Elsa and Anna Soft Toys – White 731-735

  • 13 July

    The Tempest – Year 6 Production 2018

    You can download our production using the button below for a £1 donation.  If you have any problems using this service please contact me and I will be happy to help.  After purchase is complete you can download immediately and you will receive an email.  Please check your junk email just incase! 🙂 Mr Graham  

  • 10 July

    Sandcastle Competition 2018

    Well done to Year 6 and Reception who took part in the sandcastle competition and  well done to the winner who won £200 for our school.  

June, 2018

  • 27 June

    Year 6 – Youth Village

    Year 6 had a fantastic time at the Youth Village on Monday.  The theme was Plan Be helping the children realise that not all plans go as expected and this is ok. It is something which was really relevant as they will soon be moving onto Secondary School in September and they will realise they have different interests and make …

May, 2018

  • 21 May

    Year 5: Grinton Lodge 2018

    Day 1: We have definitely needed the suncream – it has been beautiful weather! We enjoyed lunch outside and played in the park then, once Stuart arrived, we headed down into Swaledale Valley to Reeth. We enjoyed skimming stones, making some sunhats and then relaxing with an ice cream on the village green.  On our way back we did a …

  • 16 May

    St Cuthbert’s Ceilidh

    Thank you to all parents and children who came to our Ceilidh on Friday.  Everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed the dancing, especially the children who had a great time showing their parents what to do.  Due to its success, we hope to do the same next year.

  • 15 May

    Dance Showcase 2018

    On Thursday evening year 5 and 6 dance club took part in the Dance Showcase at Blackhall Community Centre.  Mrs Strong and Miss Armes were very proud of your children’s performance.

  • 4 May

    Y3 & Y4 Music

    We had a music lesson with Mrs Sellars today and  we played with the clays which is a musical instrument.   We really enjoyed it and we also worked with Year 4 children today which was different but fun. By Chloe and Amy. Year 3  

April, 2018

  • 30 April

    Cake Sale

    A big thank you to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 parents for sending in cakes for our cake sale. So far we have raised £160.00 towards fundraising for Art and DT. Your support is much appreciated. This Friday will be Year 3’s turn. Cakes will cost 20p, 30p and 50p.    

  • 23 April

    Gardening Club

    In our first session of gardening club we have planted potatoes and tomatoes. We will keep you posted on how they grow. We were very lucky to have such nice weather for our first session.

  • 23 April


    Reception class are looking at growth, food and where our food comes from. This week we have planted cress, sunflowers and beans. We are enjoying watching to see what happens next to the seeds.

  • 18 April


    As part of science week, year 6 enjoy looking closely at an actual brain. We learnt how the brain works and how the different hemispheres control different things. The brain did not look or feel how we expected.

  • 18 April


    Year 6 really enjoyed their Judo taster session. We had some promising athletes among us.

  • 18 April

    Living Eggs 2018

    Day 1 – Monday Our 10 eggs have arrived. The children were very excited by their arrival and have been watching the incubator closely for signs of movement. Nothing yet!         Day 2 – Tuesday One of our chicks have hatched early this morning! There is ‘pipping’ in some of the other eggs so we are watching …

March, 2018

  • 29 March

    Why We Love Our School Lunches

    #TaylorShaw #Schoolmeals

  • 29 March

    Ceilidh dancing

    Chris came in to teach us some dancing. This was a different sort of dancing. Chris taught us four different dances where we had to move around in a circle. We then had to spin around with our partner. You can do these dances at a Ceilidh. Bring your family to our Ceilidh dancing at our school in May and …